In Constant Bloom



Finally finished my first complete little book that I have been working on for months now. It has been a labour of love, which has helped me to process the places and girls I have been. The journey and seasons of life I have called home as a child of a single Ugandan mother, raised between cultures and places. Through the relearning, learning and unlearning, one voice keeps reminding me always, to bloom where I am planted. To never go stagnant and make a garden of wherever I make a home for myself.

Having always been someone who grasped my reality in many different forms, I have put it all into poems and collections of thoughts and small illustrations.

The subjects touched upon in this book are; spirituality, rebirth, black feminism, environmentalism, colonialism, sexual abuse, intersectionality, womanism, self-love, self-hate, healing, decolonization, family, love, nature, self-care, self-perseverance 

I hope this book feels like a familiar place for you too or that you enjoy the journey of another person’s route towards their own becoming.